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49 Tips from the Pros for Successful Digital Publishing

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8 new ways to share your

8 new ways to share your publication. Make it easy to find your magazines anywhere. Printing has been the ultimate solution in marketing and publishing. But besides the costs there is another big disadvantage compared to digital publications. A big question left over: How do i get my content to the costomers? Using digital publishing you have a wide choice of ways. And all of this totally without printing- and distribution-costs. q Via a follow button right above your own online kiosk. w Embedded directly on Facebook - readers can leaf through it without leaving the site.. e As a standard link or button to your magazine. r Display only the cover as the perfect “appetizer” for your publication. t Or show a full shelf displaying all publications you may want to share. y As a live magazine embedded on any website. u On your full, individual kiosk using your own design. i A WORLD FIRST: as a video teaser on YouTube, Twitter etc. 12 13

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