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49 Tips from the Pros for Successful Digital Publishing

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6 ways of knowing

6 ways of knowing who’s reading along… Protect security and privacy. Who has read my magazine? Do they want to buy something? Is my competition spying on me? These are all things that are hard to figure out with print publications. Not so with e-papers by Yumpu! Every reader will see exactly what they are meant to see - and nothing else. At the same time, you can collect highly relevant data and very precisely target potential buyers. q Reading samples: distribute free samples and unlock full access to the magazine in exchange for a newsletter subscription - Pay with a Lead. w Promote your newsletter directly on your online kiosk and allow customers to take out a subscription right there. e Only share your magazine with registered users via secure links. r Hide content from all readers - e.g. for work in progress. t Require your customers to log into a protected area to unlock your publication. **** y Ask for a password in order to read your publication. 20 21

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