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49 Tips from the Pros for Successful Digital Publishing

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6 reasons to get your

6 reasons to get your own magazine promo video Present your publications as dynamically as never before! q Stand out. The attention spans of online readers tend to be quite short. With merely text or pictures, an article is easily skipped. Yumpu addresses just this problem with its globally new and unique development: the Yumpu Video Embed. Videos attract considerably more attention than static images or texts, thus leading to higher rates of engagement. w Share. Yumpu Video Embeds are perfect for sharing on social media channels. Short, informative and to the point, a video builds up excitement and leaves viewers wanting more. e Early Adopters. Get ahead of your competitors by showing off your online publishing know-how with the help of a video presentation. r Fast and easy as pie. Thanks to the embed function in your magazine, your personal video will be ready for you within moments. t ATTENTION! IMPORTANT - DOWNLOAD VIDEO available from Adfree - very important on Facebook. Uploading directly to Facebook reaches up to 6 times more viewers than sharing via a different video platform. y Promote individual articles: Yumpu promo videos allow you to highlight specific articles inside your publication, giving the viewer an appetite for more of your exciting content. This means more qualified visitors who may already know exactly what they want from you… your magazine becomes much more effective and will be shared considerably more often on social media, too. 24 25

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