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49 Tips from the Pros for Successful Digital Publishing

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6 new distribution

6 new distribution channels for publications. Find and reach new customers. High printing, shipping and distribution costs can often make it hard to share your publication as widely as you would like. Additionally, many prospective customers are simply no longer reachable by analog means or prefer not to receive mail. Cost-benefit analysis print vs. digital – Print – Digital Publishing These are some of the many hurdles you can overcome simply and successfully with digital publishing. 6 new ways to distribute your publications - » starting today: cost q Using your own online newsstand-style “kiosk”. w Distributing them on leading E-Paper platforms. e Social media sharing via Facebook, Twitter etc. r With a magazine promo video via YouTube, Vimeo and others. t Embedded live and dynamically on your own website or blog. benefit y As a self-contained app on the Apple Appstore or Google Play. 4 5

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