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49 Tips from the Pros for Successful Digital Publishing

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Boost your reach. Power

Boost your reach. Power for your digital magazine. Yumpu is listed in the top 6,000 of renowned analytics site Alexa. This puts us in the top 6% among the 100,000 biggest websites worldwide. In Central Europe, Yumpu is even in the top 1,000, while in Great Britain, France, Brazil, Mexico and many others it can be found in the top 5,000. In many more regions it can be found in the top 10,000, such as for example the US, Australia, the UAE or Hong Kong. What this means for you: Incredible reach for your publications - and » all without printing costs or specialist » technical knowledge. Sample-rankings of yumpu.com »» Top 1.000 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark,… »» Top 5.000 in UK, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands,… »» Top 10.000 in USA, Australia, UAE, Turkey, Hong Kong,… »» Alexa is a subsidiary of Amazon.com. »» Alexa lists an incredible 640 million websites. »» Only sites listed in the top 100,000 get official analytics with charts. 8 9

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