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YUMPU InSights 07/16 English

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Our online product updates are now becoming a monthly e-paper Magazine! Published in a "digital only" format, the e-paper “released notes" should deliver an insight into the latest updates and monthly upgrades to our customers.


LA LOUPE APPKiosk: Earning income with WebKiosk LA LOUPE uses WebKiosk as its own online magazine. The WebKiosk has additional advantages. You have the option to sell and manage advertisting space. In addition, your domain can be added through WebKiosk and can be set to be ad-free. SEQ optimizes your online profile SEQ optimizes LA LOUPE's online profile with photos, logos and text as well as specific tags (keywords used in searches), so that the magazine has a higher search ranking on Google. Since a search will return a series of already-published magazines, an increase in readers can be expected. LA LOUPE WEBKiosk LA LOUPE Profil Page 26

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