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YUMPU InSights 07/16 English

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Our online product updates are now becoming a monthly e-paper Magazine! Published in a "digital only" format, the e-paper “released notes" should deliver an insight into the latest updates and monthly upgrades to our customers.


RELEASE NOTES Higher speed – New process now converts PDF files 50 % faster into an e-magazine! Our development department has successfully increased the conversion speed from PDF to an e-paper magazine by 50%. The newly improved process now requires only half of the time to create an e-paper magazine! Thus, the new e-paper magazine can be delivered to the customer faster than before! Page 32

Improved performance & faster loading times of Yumpu APPKiosk and PROKiosk In the past our readers had to wait until the entire magazine was downloaded before they could read it. Now we have significantly improved this process! Now the readers can see and read the magazine while the content is in a direct downloading process from the server. This process gives the reader much faster access to the magazine, without noticing the technical process behind the scenes. Page 33

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