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YUMPU InSights 07/16 English

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Our online product updates are now becoming a monthly e-paper Magazine! Published in a "digital only" format, the e-paper “released notes" should deliver an insight into the latest updates and monthly upgrades to our customers.

Add a domain/subdomain

Add a domain/subdomain to WEBKiosk WEBKiosk webkiosk domain webkiosk subdomain How can I add a new subdomain to my WEBKiosk? Benefits of using your own Domain for your WEBKiosk 1. High trust by visitors because they already know the domain. Users who come from your main website won’t have to leave the domain they are already on. 2. Links always referr to your own domain, which increases your domains strength and popularity, for search engine optimiziation purposes. 3. Search engines index your magazines directly on your domain, which is more likely to be clicked Why does my Kiosk need a DNS configuration? The Domain Name Server (DNS) of your Domain, is managed by your hoster. Yumpu needs to know which Domain/Subdomain points to the Kiosk and your hoster needs to know, which domain ( or subdomain ( should be reffered to Yumpu. To assign a domain/subdomain to your WEBKiosk do the following: - Go to “Edit WEBKiosk” - Click on “Add” at the “Domain” column Page 42

Add a domain/subdomain to WEBKiosk - Enter your domain/subdomain (no “www” or “http://”) - Click on “Save”. Now you have to change the CNAME entry at your domain/subdomain. If you don’t have a subdomain yet, you need to create one at your hoster. Then enter “” as the CNAME entry of your domain/subdomain. Now everything is configured. Depending on your hoster you may have to wait up to 24 hours until the changes take effect. Test the configuration So können sie ihren Nameserver Eintrag testen: Here's how you can test your nameserver entry: 1. Open the website 2. Enter your Domain 3. Example result if the nameserver entry is correct: ----- Server: Address: Non-authoritative answer: canonical name = canonical name = Name: Address: ----- Page 43

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