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YUMPU InSights 07/16 English

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Our online product updates are now becoming a monthly e-paper Magazine! Published in a "digital only" format, the e-paper “released notes" should deliver an insight into the latest updates and monthly upgrades to our customers.



! Via the Internet, digital publications can be distributed worldwide in seconds, so you reach distant markets and new customers around the world. Converting your magazine, brochure or prospectus into an e-paper magazine requires no additional work for designers or producers. Yumpu e-paper magazines makes it easy for you to reach more people and customers with content you already have, in a new digital format. E-paper magazines are still quite a young format in digital publishing, so they attract much more reade rattention than most other formats. The reader behavior which is very similar to analog magazines with intuitive page turning, is naturally supported behavior for all magazine readers. A much bigger range, use of already existing and proven content in conjunction with a new digital e-publishing format, will result in higher visibility and more sales opportunities. The awareness of your brand will be improved by using a new digital format like the yumpu e-paper magazine, and will leave a modern and innovative impression on your customers. Page 9

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